Annual Letter to Friends of LSPC

December 2014

Happy Advent! Welcome to a season of new beginnings. Since Thousand Mission Friends reorganized into “Friends of Living Stones,” I thought it would be important for me to provide an update with some highlights of Living Stones Ministry through this past year.

Year of the Winged Lion

Advent marks the beginning of the church year. It is a time of new beginnings, a time of waiting expectantly for the Christ child to be born. It is a time marked by hope, repentance (turning to the Lord), and peace. Advent covers a period of the four Sundays prior to Christmas. The gospel emphasis changes, this year we move from Matthew to Mark. Mark is symbolized by a winged lion, king of animals that roam the earth taken from prophesies of the four winged creatures.

Psalm 51 by David DJ

A Blog on Psalm 51 by David Deacon-Joyner

Have you ever done something you regret? Have you ever done something really stupid? I don’t think there’s a human alive or one whoever lived that can answer “no” to those questions. The only ones who might answer “no” are the ones who are so ensnared by evil or pride that they can’t see the error of their ways or, worse yet, are boastful of such acts. But for those with any moral compass, their misdeeds can eat away at them, convicting us with such a sense of guilt and regret that we can hardly bear it.

The Challenge of Grace

There are times in our lives and in our spiritual journeys where faith is challenged. This week I have experienced one of those times. My faith has been challenged by understanding the limitlessness of grace. I met a man- I will call him Phillip.  He is a member of a large gang.   I last saw Phillip in the “hole.”  At the time, Phillip was a couple weeks from being released and we talked through the door of his cell, which is similar in size to a walk-in closet with a bed and toilet.

Easter Service by David DJ

The 2014 Easter service at Living Stones was held on Saturday night, the usual day and time for LS services. My wife Pam and I have attended several times and, on this occasion, we saw many familiar faces, missed some who have transferred or been released, and saw some new faces.  We couldn't help but worry that when some of the inmates who have been so involved move on, the congregation's numbers may go with them.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Hallelujah!

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!!!

We condensed Holy Week into one evening of Betrayal, Last Supper, Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection. Blessed evening! Thank you St. Paul from Castle Rock for sharing in this evening. 

Brother Aaron provided the message and five more men were baptized! There could not have been a better occasion for the sacrament. God was present and we were all blessed. 

Living Stones has now baptized 23 men and had another 4 men receive an affirmation of their baptisms (27 total) this year. 

Washing Our Feet

This week I preached on Jesus washing the disciples feet. What does it mean that the creator of the universe is on his knees serving his followers? Though I think it is impossible to fully grasp, it points to the idea that this God/man was not any God that I would create. I can't imagine anyone creating or worshipping this servant God. Who would create such a God? I mean in the male dominated, hierarchal structure of the Jewish religious and Roman government systems, who would create such a God. Jesus stood out as different...

Tipping Point

God is alive and well! Last week we broke the 40 man mark with 43 and this week we had 51 men attend Living Stones. With eight visitors from Living Word in Puyallup we had 60 people in the sanctuary. We will need to get more chairs soon...What a blessing it is to see God at work in the lives of these men and in the Prison.

Living Word blessed us with their presence and music as well. Amazing how God provided the "perfect" songs for them to sing. It is as if God is not bound by our limitations (smiling wondrously). God can coordinate our liturgy and music across space and time.


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