Board Members

Our board members help guide the Living Stones Prison Ministry.  Click here to read more about the board's responsibilities.  If interested in serving on this board, please contact Pastor Melanie Wallschlaeger at

Kris Anderson, secretary

Malcolm Carroll, member

Teresa Jackson, chair

For five years my son was incarcerated and I worried during that time about whether there was an opportunity for him to worship in prison. After visiting the Living Stones Congregation in Shelton with my church, I knew I wanted to serve in this ministry. I saw amazing messages of grace comfort the men there and saw how grateful the men were for the visits from people wanting to worship with them. I was invited to join the Living Stones Board and presently serve as board chair. Besides my work with Living Stones Board I serve on our synod’s Outreach Board and as Evangelism Chair on our church council at Peace Lutheran Church in Tacoma. I am energized about where God is leading Living Stones and Living Stones Fellowship. I look forward to doing my best with God’s help to lead our board forward to bring Jesus into the lives of men who are incarcerated and bring grace-filled opportunities to the men being released.

Vicar Mary Metzger, member

Astrid Pearson, vice-chair

Rev. Doug Peterson, treasurer

I have served as lead pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Shelton since 2018. Faith is proud to be neighbor and co-worker with the Living Stones congregation and ministry. Our proximity to the prison makes Faith a natural partner for off-site meetings and educational opportunities regarding prison ministry, as well as ministry with families affected by the incarceration of loved ones.The Apostle Peter says the the whole church is made up of "living stones," and that together we bear the Spirit of God for the sake of the world. As they say at Living Stones: We're all in this together!

Jim Shanafelt, member

I have enjoyed being part of the Living Stones Prison Congregation ministry since the Board of Directors was first established twelve years ago.  I had visited the men for worship a few times when Pastor Eric Wangen-Hoch invited me to consider being a member of the new Board.  I served as the Treasurer for eleven+ years and currently serve on the Board as a member at-large.  I have always gravitated toward social ministry service. I especially enjoy the music at Living Stones because my voice isn't great, but as my voice harmonizes with the men's voices, I feel welcome to sing loudly along with the men.  I feel Christ's strong presence every time I worship with the men of Living Stones Prison Congregation - I highly recommend the experience to everyone!

Rev. Melanie Wallschlaeger,  synod advisor