About Us

As a congregation of the Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA, Living Stones offers a Word and Sacrament ministry to imprisoned men inside the walls of the Washington Corrections Center. We loudly proclaim a gospel of grace and love to men who hunger for the reality of God's Kingdom to be manifest in all its fullness. Our men are familiar with "law" and excitedly realize the God of love and grace and freedom is not bound by the concrete and steel which surrounds the facility. In a place of bondage and solitude, God is proving there is freedom and a church family.

United States incarceration rates continue to rise. This rise has been dramatic over the past forty years. A cycle of violence and harm has been compounded by fallen humanity and drugs. The cycle will continue without change. These brothers, uncles, fathers, and children have the potential to change. The cycle of hurt must be broken. The answer is Jesus. It is only through the love, forgiveness, redemption and empowerment provided in Jesus Christ can the cycle of harm be stopped.

You are invited to actively share in this ministry of changing lives. Your prayers move mountains, your visits to join our worship are priceless, and your financial support is crucial. Please browse the website and learn more about this ministry, its transition program, our worship, and other opportunities to participate in God's work.


This ministry is what the gospel is for – first time volunteer