Get Involved- We're In This Together!

How can I or my church get involved?

What a wonderful God-inspired question!
Thanks for asking!

Below are just some of the ways you and your church can help:

  • Schedule a time to worship with the guys.  Contact Pr. Chris at or Sandi Nolte at
  • Schedule the Pastor or an outside board member to come to your church to give an update on the ministry, whether in general or on a specific topic such as transition ministry.
  • Be a mission partner with the Living Stones.  As incarcerated men, our members cannot support their church on their own finances. 
  • Join the Transition Assistance Task Force which is developing the 180 Project transition program. 
  • Support our various programs (see the list below) with your donations.
  • Pray for the inmates, their families, those who are newly released, for the staff of WCC, for Pr. Chris and the Living Stones Board, for all who support and care for this ministry.

 Current needs/desires of Living Stones include:

  • Help fill bags to be given to inmates being released.  Donate to our Freedom Backpack Program.  Needed items include toiletries/hygiene items (toilet paper, travel-size shampoo, soap, comb, brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, tampons and feminine pads); Ziploc-type bags (quart and gallon-sized); ponchos; tarps (approx. 8'x9'); hand towels; socks and underwear; used plastic grocery sacks (to make bedding mats).
  • The Clothing Locker can use serviceable clothing (shirts, jackets, pants, underwear, shoes, and socks)
  • Have an unused string instrument laying around?  Our String Instrument Music Program needs serviceable violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.
  • Our Art Program is seeking art supplies (paint, brushes, drawing pencils and paper, and canvases).
  • Cleaning out your church library? Our men can use your unwanted books.
  • Have unused Paraments? They may work well for us.
  • Men's clothing in good useable condition for those being released
  • Contemporary Christian Sheet Music
  • Prayer, Prayer, Prayer... Vital to the success of OUR ministry.