Living Stones 180 Project - transition into the community

Re-entry starts from the moment of incarceration.  Often this means developing workplace and social skills necessary for positive long-term outcomes.  Inmates who have completed their sentences and are ready to live on the outside again may elect to participate in the LS 180 Project.

The goal of LS 180 Project is successful transition into the community.  Faith communities play a crucial role in helping former inmates cope with the emotional aftermath of their experiences of loneliness, isolation, rejection by society and a lack of self-worth. They help the newly-released by offering hope through practical assistance, restoring trust through genuine friendship, and healing spiritual and emotional wounds.  The men need practical help as well, such as food, shelter, clothing, job opportunities and a worshiping community to make their lives better as returning citizens with their faith intact. 

To join the LS 180 Project, contact Pr. Chris, or 206-719-5221.