Why support Living Stones?

First pray about it. Ask God, "is this important?"

What has been witnessed at Living Stones.

  1. Lives are being changed. Men encounter the God of love and grace and are never the same again. This year we have baptized 135 men - children of God having the baptismal waters move over them.
  2. This is where Jesus hung out. Jesus was criticized for socializing with sinners and tax collectors - in other words, with people who the community's social authorities cast away. Sinners were lawbreakers when Jesus roamed the Palestine region.  I  - and those who visit Living Stones - find Jesus still "hanging out" with the lawbreakers. We are blessed by God's presence to take part in this ministry.
  3. Barriers are broken. Inmates live in a situation that is governed by a strict hierarchy not only by the institution, but with the inmates themselves. Barriers are established along race, offense, gang affiliation, etc. I have witnessed all these barriers being broken at Living Stones. This doesn't come without costs. The men who cross these barriers are courageous and witness to their hope for a better future. I witness the Kingdom of God manifest. This, too, is Jesus' work. Jesus was a boundary breaker. He brought the government contractor (Matthew, Tax Collector) together with the one who wanted to overthrow the government and anyone involved with it (Simon, Zealot). Jesus declared them brothers. We have a similar message and opportunity.
  4. Living Stones is growing. We have quadrupled in size over the past months. This is God's work, an awakening. God is bringing Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37) back to life. The chapel, located in the center of Washington Corrections Center, is surrounded by men thirsting for God. God chooses to use people (you and me) as his partners in caring for His beloved children. "Prophesy to the dry bones, son of man and I prophesied as I was commanded..." 

To be used of God is our blessing. Please consider supporting Living Stones through your prayers, visits, and financial gifts. In these ways you become God's messengers to a world in need and help to make this a sustainable ministry.  See the "Donate" and "Volunteer" sections of this site to discover ways to become involved.