There are many ways to volunteer.

Red Badge Volunteers - Living Stones is always in need of "Red Badge" volunteers to come worship with our congregation on short notice. These volunteers can also provide escort for visiting congregations or host guest pastors when Pastor Chris is unavailable. Red Badge volunteer training is conducted by the Department of Corrections, typically on a Saturday from 8 a.m.to 1 p.m. at  WCC and also involves a series of online courses.  Please contact Sandi Nolte at LivingStonesAssistant@outlook.com for more information and application forms.

180 Project Transition Program - If you're interested in doing more, please take a look at the 180 Project and pray about taking an active role in reintegrating men back into the community in a more healthy manner. The Transition Assistance Task Force is seeking people passionate about this ministry to join them.  To help with the transition program or to join the task force, please contact Pastor Chris, pastor.ode@gmail.com or 206-719-5221.